Christmas is always such a busy time with present buying, menu planning, card writing and decorating. This year in particular, Christmas will be even more important and special.

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, it is so important to take time out to reflect on what is important to us. So this year, we are introducing the 'Light Up Christmas' Tree.

The tree gives us a chance to remember those pets, who have passed away and left their mark on our lives. It also gives us the opportunity to share photos and thoughts about the pets we still have with us.

Quite simply, for a small donation you can choose a star on the tree, which will light up with your pets photo and your special message. You can visit the tree and click on your pet's star as many times as you like and share your star with family and friends. Your donation will go directly to the RSPCA South Yorkshire Animal Centre to help make Christmas light up for the rescue animals there.

To make your pet's mark on the lives of the rescue animals at the RSPCA Animal Centre, please click on the Light Up Christmas Tree picture or follow this link:

Thank you and Happy Christmas!