It seems everybody was out taking full advantage of the sun on the bank holiday weekend. We decided to have a splash around in the pool, having a play in the sun and cooling off.

Keeping your furry friends cool in the hot weather

Dogs cannot sweat the same way we do, they have a harder time regulating their body temperature so your furry friend might just need a little bit more attention in the hot weather. Of course, you should make sure your dog has access to clean water at all times but here are a few other ways you can keep your dog cool and stop them from overheating:

•  Lay a wet towel to lay on

•  Put ice cubes in their water bowl

•  Make sure they have access to shaded areas

•  Take something they can drink from on walks

•  Never leave your dog in a car

•  Take them on walks during the morning or evening when it is cooler