New legislation in Parliament now means that it will become mandatory for all cats to be microchipped by 10th June 2024. This comes after a Government call for evidence and consultation showed 99% of respondents in support of the idea.


Microchipping is an extremely important step in identifying lost pets. Without a microchip, it is very difficult and often impossible to reunite a missing pet with their owner.


However, the new rule means that cats will have to be implanted with a microchip before they reach the age of 20 weeks old. This will provide comfort to families, increasing the likelihood that they will be reunited with their beloved cat in the event that they were to go missing.


All owners must have their cat microchipped by 10th June 2024. Owners found not to have their cat microchipped will have 21 days to do so, or may face a fine of up to £500.


Once your cat is microchipped, it is equally as important for you to ensure all your details are kept up-to-date on the microchipping database. This means you should notify the microchip company at the first instance if any of your details were to change, for example moving house or getting a new phone number.


Microchips can only be implanted by a trained specialist, including vets and vet nurses, and can often cost in the region of £20-£50.


As part of our mission to promote responsible pet ownership and ensure microchipping is accessible for as many people as possible, we offer a microchipping service at our centre for a reduced cost of just £10. Phone us on 01302 719790 to arrange an appointment or discuss further.


We also hold microchipping events in our local community. Dates for these will be published on our social media soon.