Can you offer a home to one of our Gorgeous Greyhounds

Greyhound-type breeds are often overlooked and spend more time than others in rescue centres. Check out just some of the reasons why Greyhounds make perfect pets.

  1. Greyhounds Make Great Companions

Whether they are joining you on a hike through the countryside or lounging around in the garden, greyhounds love to be close to their humans. They make great feet warmers in winter!

  1. Easy to Groom

Their short coat means they are low maintenance and light shedders. A quick, regular groom with a soft bristled brush is usually enough to keep a greyhound’s coat in top condition.

  1. They Are Couch Potatoes

Greyhounds tend to have short bursts of energy followed by lots of sleep and chill time. Just like all dogs, they need regular exercise but are happy sleeping whenever and wherever they can.

  1. They Can Be Very Playful

Despite loving their sleep, greyhounds love a quick burst of zoomies and playtime. Food puzzles and games are ideal for greyhounds as they are very intelligent and need plenty of mental stimulation.

  1. There Are Plenty of Greyhound-Types Who Need a Home

Whether ex-racers or previously bred as pets, greyhound and lurcher breeds are regulars at rescue centres. There are many misconceptions that lead to this including the idea they need to be muzzled on  walks by law. This is not the case and like with all breeds, an owner may choose to do this as a precaution as all dogs are individuals and have their own traits


Visit our adoption pages to see the greyhounds we have available to rehome. If you think you could offer one of our greyhound types their forever home or would like more information, please contact us or complete a perfect match form.


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