We are an autonomous branch of the RSPCA, meaning we are responsible for raising almost all of our own funds and as such, rely heavily on public support. Our animal centre costs in the region of £2,000 per day to operate!

One important source of our income is our charity shops, but their success does depend on receiving a continual cycle of good quality donations. 

Donations can be dropped off at our Animal Centre any time between opening hours, and we also operate a Collection Service every Tuesday and Friday. However, for those of you who are kind enough to want to make a donation, we do want to make it an easy and accessible service for all. 

On the last Saturday of every month, between 10am and 2pm, we will be on-site at Lakeside Village in Doncaster. We tend to be located by Marks & Spencers but you will see our van! A member of our team will be there to help you load in your donations. The van will then be brought back to our animal centre for sorting, before your generous donations are distributed to our charity shops.

Gift Aid provides a valuable boost to our income, so if you are eligible for Gift Aid, please let us know when you drop off your donations. 

We are able to accept a wide range of items, for example clothing, bric-a-brac, toys, and books.

If you are at Lakeside Village for a spot of retail therapy, feel free to pop along with any donations of towels/bedding for our animals, and also any cardboard boxes/bubble wrap/packaging materials that we can reuse. All dates are shown on the poster below.