COVID 19 is new for all of us. See some of our most frequently asked questions below. 

1. What is the risk of my pet passing on COVID 19?

In theory, animals can carry COVID 19 on fur (if they are exposed to it) just like on other surfaces. Take additional precautions to minimise risk.

  • Wash hands thoroughly and regularly
  • Keep yourself and your pet at a safe distance from others

2. Can I still rehome an animal?

We will continue to rehome our animals following government guidelines and temporary processes. If you are interested in adopting one of our animals, please complete a perfect match form or get in touch.

3. How can I prepare my dog for my return to work?

Sudden changes in routine can cause upset to our four legged friends. See our advice to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

4. How can I prepare my dog to see an increase in face masks?

Dogs are excellent at reading our facial expressions and may struggle when they are unable to see these out and about. Help your dog be prepared for the increase in face masks being worn by reading our tips. 

5. Who will look after my pet if I become ill?

In case you need to go to hospital, you should have an emergency pet carer organised. Use our emergency pet carer form and display at your home so people know who to contact if needed.

Advice to owners who are worried about their pet.