Our charity shops are our single biggest source of funds for running our Centre. We rely on a continual cycle of good quality donations and purchases to carry on our important animal welfare work.

What might be an unwanted item for someone might be a hidden gem and an exciting find for another. Every time you donate to our charity shops or purchase from them, you are making a vital contribution to our Centre which doesn’t go unnoticed. 

We are often asked what we can accept so have put together a useful list of what we can and cannot accept:

To add even more value to your donations, you can let us claim Gift Aid on the items that you send our way. In doing this, we’ll be able to claim a further 25% on the sale price of your items, making your donation all the more worthwhile.

Donations can be dropped off directly at any of our shops (BawtryRossington and Thorne) during opening hours. 

We also offer a collection service. Get in touch with our animal centre or one of our charity shops for further information.