We have three cats in our care who aren’t adapting well to life in the cattery. Each cat is now looking for their purrrfect forever home with someone who can give them a safe, comfortable space and plenty of patience. Their ideal owners will have experience of cats, no other pets and be adult only homes.

Karen is a beautiful cat. She was brought into our centre quite nervy, and fearful of humans. Since being with us, she's come quite far. She now enjoys taking some treats off her human pals, she is particularly partial to Dreamies and Licky-Licks. Karen is also coming around to spending some time with people, it’s believed that she has not been used to a consistent home environment. Karen would be best suited to a quiet, adult-only household. She would also benefit from being the only pet. Her new owners would have to be experienced, and understand that it will take her a while to settle into a home.

Coming from the streets, Connor is finding it difficult to adjust to cattery life. We are working hard to help Connor understand the love that he is missing. He likes things on his own terms, and for people to understand that it will take him a while to bond. Connor has shown us that his confidence around people is increasing, he just needs a patient approach which he rewards by allowing you to give him a chin rub. He loves food and is always happy when his dinner arrives (he is also partial to Dreamies and Licky-Licks). While Connor adjusts to living in a home environment, he would have to live within an adult only household with no other pets.

Since Lorenzo came into our Animal Centre we have seen his confidence steadily grow. Having been found straying he is taking some time to adjust to the creature comforts of cattery life and would benefit from a home environment. Whilst in our care we have seen his trust in people increase along with his confidence and know that with the right owner he will continue to develop. He needs an owner with plenty of patience who will let him adapt to his new home at his own pace. Lorenzo’s new home will ideally be adult only with no other pets.

If you are interested in giving any of our cats a home please complete a Perfect Match form.