According to UK folklore, black cats are a symbol of good luck, where as in reality, it seems that they do not have much luck themselves as most struggle to find their furever home.

Rehoming statistics show that black cats (after black and white cats) take the longest to rehome. This could be because they are the most common colour of cat and potential adopters are often attracted by unusual, distinctive markings instead (like those of tabbies for example). However, we urge people to look beyond an animal’s appearance as the colour of their coat is no indication of how much love they have to give. Each cat is different and has their own individual personality traits and quirks. We recommend that you look beyond their colour and meet them before deciding if they are the perfect match for you.

At the RSPCA, we care for every animal, regardless of their colour. We believe that every animal deserves a chance of finding happiness in a loving home.

Luna (pictured below) is just one of the cats we currently have available for adoption. She is a very sweet girl who loves the company of her human pals. She is a very chatty girl who will let you know when she wants attention, and will come to you for cuddles. It’s so unfortunate that she has been overlooked as a black cat, because she would make a lovely addition to any home.

One reason why black cats are shunned is because they are seen as ‘bland’ and people believe that they do not show well in photos. However, we have encountered many black cats over the years and they are all uniquely beautiful and have purrfect personalities. Cats are so much more than tools for social media likes; they will become your constant companion and best friend for life, no matter what colour they are.


Sprinkle a little magic in their lives by offering them a loving home and in return, they will fill your life with so much love.

We currently have several cats available for adoption, including Luna (black), Kirsty (black and white), and Nova and Phil. Nova is a black cat, where as Phil is tabby and white. However, they are a bonded pair so would need to be rehomed together. If you think you could offer them the loving home they deserve, please consider filling out a Perfect Match Form.