Meet Percy
Percy's mum Sally, came into us heavily pregnant, luckily one of our dedicated staff agreed to take her home and care for her, make her comfortable and look after whilst she has her babies and raises them.
Sally gave birth to 5 beautiful babies and was a brilliant mum to them. After a couple of weeks her foster mum noticed one of the babies wasnt thriving as well as the others so made the decision to suppliment feed him. Percy is still with his mum just getting those very important extra feeds in between to help him get back to full strength.
We will keep you posted with Percy's progress as well as Sally and the rest of the litter.

Any support towards Percy's care would be greatly appreciated. As a local branch of the RSPCA, we rely heavily on kind donations to help animals like Percy. You can donate below, via Paypal or our website. You can also donate £5 by texting RSPCADRB to 70085.

Thank you so much for your support.