Roxy - Akita - 6 years - Female

Now this magnificent girl is Roxy, a lovely lady with all the grace and majesty of a lion leading its pride - and the stunning mane to match. Roxy didn't come to us in the best way and her beautiful coat was heavily impacted. However,after some TLC and intensive (but much appreciated) grooming, Roxy is now looking absolutely gorgeous. It is important to note that this breed needs regular grooming maintenance, and even more frequently as it gets warmer or shedding. Although this does have its perks such as the borderline therapeutic activity of the plucking of their "tufties" between grooms. Roxy personally enjoys a good thorough brush, but does prefer a secondary activity such as a chewie to keep her occupied during longer sessions. This sweetheart absolutely lives for her favourite people and would do anything for a good long cuddle, particularly after a lovely walk or before bed. She may be a big girl but she's not adverse to squeezing herself onto your lap and would probably try to live in your pocket if she was small enough. She can be a little apprehensive of new people at first but it's nothing that some tasty treats can't fix, and she'll be quick to show you such affections thereafter. She would like a family that are around a lot of the time as she does have a tendency to get lonely. But after all of the love she will give you, we're not sure who could bare to leave her - our team certainly struggle with that. She's looking for a home with children 14+ and no other pets in order to receive all of the love she deserves.

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