Rabbit Awareness Week 2021 (28th June to 4th July) is a great opportunity to learn more about having Rabbits as pets. This year's Rabbit Awareness Week also shines a spotlight on adopting rabbits from rescue centres, just like ours.

Here are some top rabbit facts:

  • Rabbits are very intelligent animals and make great pets
  • They generally live for between 8 and 12 years (although some live longer)
  • Rabbits need a healthy diet to support their digestive system
  • They tend to be very sociable and are also territorial 
  • Their teeth grow up to 3mm every week

Below are some useful downloadable guides to help you with various stages of caring from a rabbit from thinking about getting one to carrying out a health MOT (if you are ever concerned about your rabbit's well being please contact your vet). There are also some fun colouring guides to get your children involved in caring for your pet rabbit.