National ‘dress up your pet’ day occurs each year on January 14th. Its aim is to celebrate pets, however animal charities such as the RSPCA heavily discourage dressing up your pets for ‘fun’ as it can pose several dangers.


When making decisions about clothing for pets, their welfare should always be top priority. Ask yourself, are they enjoying it as much as you are? This is why we have put together a list of tips to help you and your pet celebrate national ‘dress up your pet’ day safely.

There are many other ways you can show your appreciation for your pets which do not involve dressing them up.


Let Them Pick Out a Gift

Plan a trip to your local pet supplies store and take your beloved dog along with you to pick out their own gift. Alternatively, if they’re not a fan of being outdoors, you could pick something out for them – whether this be a new toy, cuddly bed or some tasty snacks.

We have our own pet supplies store at the centre which has a wide variety of items available for dogs, cats, small animals and birds. For more information, click here. 


Favourite Meal

Does your pet have a favourite meal? What better way to treat them than by giving them food they LOVE! Although it is bets to stick to a regular diet and feeding routine for your pet, ‘treat foods’ are fine if given in moderation. There are even small businesses out there that specialise in cookies, buns and cakes for your beloved pets.


Go on an Adventure

Perhaps your dog likes a good run in the local park – you could take some snacks for yourself and make it a full day of frolicking fun, especially if the weather is good. Or you could treat them by getting in the car and driving somewhere extra special where they can take in the breathtakingly good fresh air. Dog walking also has several benefits for you – some of which are explained here.


Spend Time with Your Pet

It is understandable that some days you may be busy with work life, home life or family life. To show your pet how special they are to you, you could dedicate a small proportion of your day to spending time with them. There’s nothing they will love more than getting to spend some quality time with their owner.



Take lots of photos of your pet that you can cherish forever! You could even have them printed onto a large canvas or get a talented artist to sketch one for you. We are holding a Dog Photoshoot at our centre on 5th February - tickets are limited so be quick to reserve your place!


Share Your Pet’s Story

We are always looking for animals to feature in our Happy Ever After posts. If you have previously adopted an animal from us and would like to share their story, please get in touch.


Safe Clothing

Despite there being some dangers of dressing up your pet, some pet clothing does have its benefits. For example, a coat or boots can help pets (dogs in particular) to keep warm when out walking in colder weather. Boots will protect sensitive paws from extreme temperatures and road salts, as well as offering extra traction on frozen grounds. Boots can also be beneficial in warmer weather to protect vulnerable soles from the extreme heat of sun-beaten tarmac.

If your pet has recently had an operation, your vet may recommend dressing them in a surgical vest to prevent them from licking their stitches. This will allow the healing process to go ahead as planned. It is important that these are the right size for your pet – neither too small nor too large – so not to cause discomfort or restrict movement.

It is perfectly fine for pets to wear hi-vis clothing items – such as jackets and collars – to keep them safe when walking in dark environments or on busy roads. These will increase visibility so that others can be aware of your pet’s presence, as well as you being aware if for example they are on an off-lead walk.