All of the below dogs are based at RSPCA York, Harrogate and District Branch, if you are interested in adopting any of these animal, visit their website.

Oscar - 10 Years Old

Oscar came to the centre after his owner sadly could no longer take care of him, he
lived on the streets for a few years with some kind neighbours looking out for him.
Oscar then became injured and he was brought to us for treatment and rehoming.
Oscar is on the road to recovery and now ready to start a new life, he is a friendly
lad who craves love and attention and will make a great pet. Oscar deserves to be
in a comfy, warm and loving home. He is suitable to live with children of secondary
school age and over.

Mischief - 10 Years Old

Mischief came to the centre after her owners were no longer able to care for her; she is a very
sweet but very shy cat who will need a quiet home where she can settle. Mischief by name but
NOT by nature, she really is a lovely girl who enjoys a fuss once she knows you. Due to Mischiefs’
quiet nature she would be a suitable housecat.
We are looking for an equally quiet home for Mischief where she will be the only pet in an adult
only home.
Please consider offering this gentle girl a home to call her own.

Minx - 7 Years Old

Minx is a sweet girl who came to us when sadly her devoted owner became too poorly to look
after her any longer. Minx is a quiet cat who is used to living a quiet life so we are looking for a
home with adopters who will provide what she is used to.
Minx has never shared her life or home with any other animals so we feel she will be best suited
to living where she is the only pet. Minx does not go outside very much so she will be suitable to
live as a housecat. Any children will be of secondary school age year 9 and over.
Minx really misses being part of family life so please find it in your heart to offer this lovely girl a
home again.

Baxter - 2 Years Old

Baxter came to the centre via an inspector after he was found abandoned in a box
along with 8 other cats. Sadly we know nothing of his past history but we suspect
he has had a tough time as he is slightly nervous when meeting new people. We
are looking for a quiet home for Baxter where he will be given the time and patience
he needs to settle and become the sweet cat he is destined to be.
Baxter will need an adult only home where he is the only cat in the home.