In the midst of the COVID19 pandemic, there are still animals in need, desperate for our help. Percy is one of those animals. He was found abandoned in a cardboard box and was riddled with mites, he came to our centre for some much needed treatment and TLC. After a few weeks with our team, Percy began to look and feel a whole lot better, despite losing much of his fur.

Percy’s luck changed when Julia and Mike took a shine to him and welcomed him into their home. After being amazed at how quickly he settled and began to trust humans again, he is now spending his days lounging round with his new mate Blair and making up for lost time.  

Life at the centre has been as fast paced as ever, with many animals like Percy needing urgent medical care. Funding is still extremely low due to the temporary closure of our shops and cancellation of our events. To help ensure we are still here next year to continue caring for the animals in our area, please share our social media posts, donate or even do some fundraising on our behalf.

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