Do you remember our New Year Nuggets? They came into our care as very tiny kittens after their mother had sadly passed away on New Years Eve; we named them Mo and Betty. They were too young to feed themselves and without their mother's milk, their survival wasn't guaranteed.

However, thanks to one of our dedicated fosterers, they have been very well loved and cared for and are now 9 weeks old. This care included feeding every 2 hours - day and night - until the kittens were able to feed themselves at around 4 weeks of age.


If you are wanting to add a pair of kittens to your family then keep a look out on our website as these little cuties will be available for adoption very soon - and we don't expect them to stay around for long!


If you are able to make a donation of Royal Canin Babycat milk or kitten meat to help more kittens like Mo and Betty, this would be very much appreciated. These items can be found on our Amazon Wishlist. Alternatively, you can support our self-funded animal centre by making a financial donation below.

All support is received with immense gratitude.

Thank you.

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