Happy National Volunteer Week to all our fantastic volunteers!

Across the branch, we are extremely lucky to be supported by a fantastic team of talented volunteers. Each one gives 100% for the benefit of our animals and we value highly the part they play in our team.

Without you, we wouldn’t be able to achieve what we do!

So whether you clean pens, walk dogs, groom rabbits, help in our shops and events, play with cats, foster, knit, donate, home visit, drive or look after our grounds you are all wonderful!

We look forward to celebrating with you and enjoying another successful year.

Not a Volunteer?

If you’re not a volunteer but you’re interested in joining the team, here’s some information on what it is like volunteering with us.

Volunteering with us is a great way to meet like-minded people who share the same enthusiasm for animal welfare. There are lots of other benefits too, such as:

  • Gain and develop new skills
  • Make a difference to animal’s lives
  • Feel a great sense of achievement 
  • Give back to your local community
  • Develop your personal skills and confidence

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Volunteering

In 2017/18, 20.1 million (38%) people in the UK volunteered formally at least once a year and 11.8 million (22%) of people did so at least once a month.

As well as helping others, volunteering has been shown to improve volunteers' wellbeing too.

It’s human nature to feel good after helping someone out. Volunteering can also help you gain valuable new skills and experiences, and boost your confidence.

If you’re interested in volunteering with us here CLICK HERE