Make a date in your diary for #Giving Tuesday - 1st December 2020 is the day to show your support for the work we do and join thousands of people all over the world in showing their appreciation for their chosen charity.

#Giving Tuesday is a day where everyone, everywhere can do something to support the good causes that mean so much to them. It is a time to celebrate the fantastic work charities do and the amazing support they receive.

We will be taking part by showcasing some of our incredible donors, past adopters, and business supporters along with ideas of how you can help us to help the animals in need across our district.

The support that we are offered by local businesses secures a sustainable income, which can be planned for in our long term plans. We are proud of the relationship that we have with our Corporate Heroes, who give freely of their time, skills and resources. One of our Corporate Heroes, Fresh Thinking have always enjoyed visiting our site to see how their support helps us move forward. John Horton, managing director said:

We had no hesitation to join the Corporate Heroes Scheme at the South Yorkshire RSPCA branch when we heard about it. The welfare of animals and the prevention of cruelty to them is a cause very close to our hearts. Like many people, we were surprised to learn that the local RSPCA branches are entirely self-funded – they are not funded by the seemingly big central RSPCA organisation, which is what many people think. So every £ of fundraising is vital to the outstanding team at RSPCA South Yorkshire in their unwavering fight to rid the world of animal cruelty.

The Corporate Heroes Scheme has been our chosen charity here at Fresh Thinking for the past few years. We are proud to support the important work that the team at RSPCA South Yorkshire do. We’ve also got involved in a number of their excellent activity days, again to raise vital money to rehabilitate and rehome as many wonderful animals as possible.

We welcome all new Corporate Heroes and the part they play is invaluable - we hope local businesses will elect to support us in 2021 and beyond. 

People who leave us a gift in their will have a special place in the heart of the team at the RSPCA South Yorkshire Animal Centre.

The resources at the Centre have been enriched as a result of the kind legacies of varying amounts that have been left to support the vital rehabilitation work. The onsite surgery and the exercise compound have both been made possible by legacies that have been left to us over the years. Giving joy and comfort to the lives of animals that have known only hurt and distress is made possible by benefactors, who have shown love and compassion for animals they would never know.


We celebrate these kind people by displaying their names in our reception – they are an invaluable part of the team, who care for the welfare of all the animals at the RSPCA Animal Centre. Giving back through a legacy is a quick and simple process, which can be done when you write your will. The value your legacy – no matter how small - adds to the lives of rescued animals and the community they belong to is deep and long-lasting and will save tomorrow’s lost and injured dog or cat.

So, as we approach #GivingTuesday please turn your thoughts to the unknown rescue animals you will be helping with the gift of a legacy.

We also want to share the story of Lesley, who came to the Animal Centre at a time of need.

Lesley is one of our adopters, who originally came to the Animal Centre to find a companion for her dog, Solly. Solly was grieving the loss of his friend, with whom he had grown up. She was a rescue German Shepherd and he pined when she died. Lesley turned to us for help. She talks fondly of the kindness that she was shown by staff and the support she received when choosing a new friend for Solly.

Lucy was brought out to meet Lesley and she was struck by how gentle Lucy was. A meet and greet was arranged – Solly and Lucy completely ignored each other, so everyone knew that the foundation stones were laid for a good friendship!


Lucy was brought home and settled in well with Solly and Lesley and the rest is history.

Solly and Lucy

As a result of the care and compassion that she was shown, Lesley returned to the Centre as a volunteer – her aim was to give dogs the best chance of being re-homed, so she worked with timid dogs to help them trust humans again.

Giving makes you feel good and #GivingTuesday is a great time to do something that will help local rescue animals. We will continue the story of our amazing supporters next week.

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