❓ What is Gift Aid?
Gift Aid is a tax relief for charities in the UK which helps to increase the value of donations – at no extra cost to the donor.
🀷 How does it work?
In simple terms when you donate to us HMRC add an extra 25%, so £10 actually becomes £12.50.
πŸ–Š How do I sign up?
Next time you make a donation let one of our team know you’d like to be a Gift Aider and we’ll sign you up. It’s super easy and makes a huge difference to us.
☺️ I’m already a Gift Aider with you, do I need to do anything?
Firstly a huge Thank You! And you don’t need to do anything other than let our team know that you’ve already signed up when you drop off a donation.
πŸ’· What can Gift Aid be claimed on?
Gift Aid can be claimed on money which is donated as well as the money raised from selling donated items. To find out more please ask a member of our team.