Sometimes Santa doesn’t always get it right, and that’s totally fine! Your unwanted gifts could make a real difference to those less fortunate – so why not help the community whilst helping to raise funds for your local animal centre?

If you received some gifts this year that don’t quite align with your taste, you can stop by one of our charity shops and give them a new lease of life, completely guilt-free. What might be an unwanted item for you might be a hidden gem or exciting find for someone else. Rehoming your items is much better than hoarding them away in the back of your wardrobe for months or even years to come!

Perhaps you’re having a declutter for New Year? Our charity shops are our single biggest source of income for running our centre and we rely on a continual cycle of good quality donations to carry on our important animal care work. You can donate any unwanted items, gifts, or even Christmas decorations, and we will promise to make good use of them.

Every time you donate to one of our charity shops or purchase from them, you are making a vital contribution to our self-funded RSPCA animal centre – this doesn’t go unnoticed and we greatly appreciate your support.

Our charity shops are located in Bawtry, Rossington, Maltby and Thorne. The exact addresses can be found here.