Update 22/04/21:

Buddy has come on leaps and bounds since we first launched his appeal. His skin is clearing up, although he will need a little help keeping on top of this, and his love of tennis balls continues. Buddy is now looking for his forever home and we need your help. He would love to be the only pet in the home to have all the attention to himself, with children aged 12 and over. Buddy also will need a somebody who understands his training needs and would like to help him on his journey. If you think this could be you, then please complete a perfect match form. You can also help by simply sharing his story and spreading the word. On behalf of Buddy and team RSPCA DRB, thank you. 

When Buddy came to us, he was in such a sorry state. Rescued by an RSPCA Inspector, Buddy was immediately taken to the vet for assessment and treatment. Emaciated and suffering from a chronic skin condition, he was brought to us at the RSPCA South Yorkshire Animal Centre for rest, recuperation and rehabilitation. In spite of his condition, staff commented on his strength of character and gentle nature.

Buddy, when he first came to the RSPCA Animal Centre

Buddy's course of treatment wasn't simple or quick - to tackle his skin condition, he was prescribed regular baths and gentle grooming to encourage healing and growth of a new coat. To address his body mass he was placed on a special diet, which has to be carefully monitored so his little system wasn't overloaded. And throughout it all, Buddy has remained a loving and gentle dog, who loves to play and 'talk' with staff.

Our mission has always been to rescue and rehabilitate animals in need and on a weekly basis, animals like Buddy are brought to us by RSPCA Inspectors. The staff work tirelessly to care for each and every animal that is brought in. Every animal's individual needs are met to make sure they can be moved to their forever home as soon as they are ready. Our Happy Ever After page highlights the success stories that are a result of the care rescue animals receive at the Animal Centre. With your help, we can ensure that all rescue animals can find their forever, happy homes.

Buddy today - waiting for a treat...

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