Ben and Roxy came into us together, through no fault of their own. Although they were slightly older it was clear they still had plenty of 'spring' in their step and whilst they were staying with us they enjoyed long walks and runs in our paddock as well as playing with each other. It was clear they had a strong bond so it was important that they were rehomed together to live out their golden years.

After just over 2 months staying with us they found their forever home, this was great news as it can take up to 3 times longer to rehome an older dog. 

Ben and Roxy making themselves at home

Their new owner tells us, "they are incredible dogs and I feel so very lucky to have them. They sleep through the night, are tidy in the house, are superb around food, and most importantly they are awesome around people and other dogs."

When you are looking for a pet do consider some of our older residents, you're sure to be rewarded with a fabulous new member of the family.