Meet Beautiful, a cat in our care who is looking for a special home where her additional needs can be met. When she arrived at the Centre, staff noticed Beautiful was drinking an excessive amount and as a result had some tests. It was found that she has a kidney condition.

Beautiful has kidney disease. This makes her drink a lot of water as she can't concentrate urine adequately to conserve fluids.  Ultrasound images of her kidneys show that she has congenital kidney disease (a problem with her kidneys which happened because they didn't develop properly as she grew up).  Currently, apart from needing to drink more water than a similar cat with structurally 'normal' kidneys, she is in very good health.  With careful monitoring, this may be the case for many, many years.


Beautiful is looking for a special home where her condition can be monitored. She needs to be fed a kidney specific diet, have free access at all times to fresh water as well as having 6 monthly check ups with the vet. In return, Beautiful will give you all of her affection and she will have the chance to be the happy cat she is, in a loving home.

If you think you could offer Beautiful her forever home and fulfil her additional needs, please contact the Centre.


If you would like to help Beautiful and other animals like her at the centre, a small donation ensures we can continue to provide vital care and treatment to animals in our area.