This Adoptober we will be sharing the wonderful benefits of adopting a pet, as well as some of our current residents who are looking for their furever home. 

When adopting from our branch, we work with you to find your perfect companion starting with our Perfect Match form, which helps check that you and the animal you are interested in adopting are compatible.  

From there each adoption story is unique and may involve multiple meet and greets to ensure you are the right fit for each other. 

In return for you patience we ensure that every animal adopted from us is fully vet checked and then, depending upon the type and needs of the animal we also provide flea and worm treatment, fully vaccinate, neuter and microchip them. All this goes hand in hand with advice about your new pet as well as support post adoption. You will also receive four weeks free pet insurance and a voucher to spend in our pet supplies shop on site to ensure your new family member has everything they need to get settled in. 

So why choose to adopt rather than shop? For starters there are many benefits to the animal including the most obvious, giving them a safe and loving home. Additionally you can be reassured that the animal has been well cared and you will receive unbiased advice and information from our team helping you to make the right decision. 

By choosing a rescue animal you are also helping reduce the demand for illegal puppy and kitten farms as well as illegally imported animals. Unfortunately animals that obtained from these sources often are separated from their parents at too young an age, are not properly cared for and come without a clean bill of health as well as additional costs such as neutering, vaccinations and microchipping. 

When you adopt you are also creating a new space at our animal centre which allows us to take in another animal in need. Plus you are assured that the adoption fee goes to support us and allows us to keep doing the work we do. 

If you are interested in offering an animal a home please visit our Adoption Pages.

If you are currently not ready to adopt but would still like to support the animals in our care please consider our Safe Haven programme. This allows you to sponsor a pen/kennel at our animal centre to ensure that all the animals that stay in it are provided with everything they need.