The kittens are feeling a little under the weather however, this isn't stopping them being as sweet and adventurous as ever. 

We have 3 new tiny friends!

They're called Amani, Shira and Tamid and are around 4 weeks old. Unfortunately, the way we came across our new friends is not ideal.

These little guys haven't had the best start in life. They were brought to us after members of the public discovered a group of young people throwing the box of kittens around.. This is obviously extremely saddening to hear. However, luckily Amani, Shira and Tamid had somehow managed to avoid any injuries and are now in our safe, caring hands.

A huge well done and thank you is deserved to the members of the public, who decided to intervene and take these kittens to get the care they needed. This situation could have turned out very differently.

These three haven't let their situation get them down - they're full of personality and they've settled in well with us at the centre.

Amani, Shira and Tamid are still a little young, but will be ready for adoption soon.