Milo and Mitsy - Domestic Shorthair - 14 years - Male/Female

Our newest pair, Milo and Mitsy, are on the look out for their retirement home. They are not just lifelong best friends, but brother and sister. The duo have found it hard settling into their new life, and found the cattery distressing, therefore they found themselves in one of our staff members house. They settled in well, and are adjusting to new people. Mitsy and Milo have had one owner their whole 14 years, meaning that they are finding it a little more difficult to trust others. Once they have the trust and are confident that the new people are going to show them love, they are not shy on showing the love back. At first Mitsy is quite timid and it takes her a while to come out of her shell, but once she comes around, she doesn’t like to leave your side, and will give you affectionate head butts. She shows her contentment by shaking her tail, and drooling when she gets the best fusses. Milo is more a lone wolf. He enjoys the love, and will purr at just a glance, however he also appreciates his alone times. He loves catnip, and will let you know when you are late to give him his dinner. They are an older pair, however do not look or act their age. You will often find them either sleeping in their favourite beds or playing with each other. They would make the perfect companion to a household with children aged 16+, as they would much prefer a quieter household. This would make it better for them to settle in. Mitsy and Milo have only known each other and find it difficult being around other animals, meaning that it would be better for them to be the only pets in the household.

If you are interested in offering Milo and Mitsy a home, please complete a Perfect Match form.