Harley - Semilong haired - 12 weeks - Female
Quinn - Semilong haired - 12 weeks - Female
Jester - Semilong haired - 12 weeks - Male

Harley, Quinn and Jester are a lovely litter of fluffy kittens. They can be a little shy at first but do enjoy their cuddles once they get to know you.

Harley is the most confident of the litter and is often the first to approach people. Quinn stands out from the crowd with her unique eyes and enjoys games with her siblings. And last but not least, Jester is the most shy character of the pack and will rely on the girls to make the first move.

These three kittens are looking for their forever home with children over the age of 8 years old who can help bring them out of their shells. It is possible that these little guys could live with a friendly dog and maybe with another friendly cat.

Adoption Fee £110 per kitten