National Robin Day is an annual nationwide event which takes place every year on the 21st December. Its aim is to raise awareness of the wildlife who will be struggling at this time of the year. It hopes to bring individuals together and encourage them to take collective action.

The beautiful robin is the face of this annual occurrence, as well as the bird which symbolises Christmas. During the Winter months, nature can be harsh and unforgiving. It is imperative that we take action now, to protect and preserve nature and all of its benefits for future generations.

With songbird numbers in rapid decline, it is also important that they are in tip-top condition throughout Winter so that they are ready for breeding season.


Top tips to attract birds to your garden

- Provide natural food resources such as berries and seeds. Birds are likely to struggle to find their own food during the cold Winter months so would be extremely appreciative of your help. Food in Winter is essential as it helps them to conserve energy and get through cold nights.

- Provide fresh, clean water for birds to drink and bath in. It is important that birds are able to bath themselves during Winter as this makes their feathers easier to preen, in turn keeping them waterproof and insulating. Ensure the water doesn’t freeze over.

- Provide shelter so that birds feel safe and warm in your garden, whether this be a bird box or dense trees and shrubs. It would be beneficial to place feeders next to some cover as birds will appreciate having somewhere to quickly retreat to if they are ever spooked by predators.

- Provide nesting sites which are sheltered and away from predators, additionally making birds feel safe and welcome in your garden.

- Practice good hygiene. Be sure to regularly clean bird feeders, tables and baths to avoid a build-up of bacteria.