It is important that your pets are registered with a veterinary practice which you are able to feel at ease relying on for routine health care and advice, as well as any emergency treatment your animal requires.  

Please note that under the Animal Welfare Act, you are required to take your animal to a vet if they are suffering or in pain. 

To find an RCVS accredited veterinary practice local to you, visit Find a Vet.  

Some veterinary practices do offer health care schemes so that everyone has a chance to provide their pets with the essential care that they deserve. Alternatively, if you are currently in receipt of financial support, we at the RSPCA Doncaster, Rotherham and District branch may be able to contribute towards the cost of your vet bill. Contact our centre to find out more, or to check if you’re eligible.  

Other useful links to remember: 

  • Vet Help Direct – an online guide and symptom checker to help you decide how quickly you should contact a vet 
  • Pet GP– a 24 hour online service, staffed exclusively by UK-qualified veterinary nurses who can use their years of experience to offer sufficient advice