We all agree that 2020 was a very trying year for most people. Here at the RSPCA South Yorkshire Animal Centre, life had to carry on - rescue animals still needed a place where they could be safe and cared for and they had no concept of the idea of any restrictions or guidelines that had been put in place.

Staff at the centre worked hard to maintain the high standards of care that all the animals deserved, whilst also working within the government guidelines to ensure everyone was safe. it was difficult, but the team pulled together.

But the team at the Animal Centre doesn't just stop at the staff who work at the Centre every day. We also have a fabulous team of volunteers, who work in all areas of the Branch - van drivers; trustees; shop staff; events teams and animal care volunteers all contribute to the successful running and development of the Branch.


We are looking forward to a busy 2021 and with the continued help of our volunteers we know it will be a successful year. Thank you to all the wonderful people, who give so freely of their time and skills day in, day out!

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