If you are looking for ideas to help keep the children entertained over the Easter Holidays, then look no further. We've gathered together some brilliant activities to keep everyone happy. Plus, a lot of these activities can be used as fundraisers too.

Make Playdough - it's cheaper than buying it in and a lot more fun for children.

Have a virtual online quiz with friends and family. Pledge an 'entry' fee and donate some to us! The rest can be the prize money for the winning team.

Make Easter Biscuits and try not to eat them before they've been baked! 

Have you adopted a rescue animal? Then why not write your happy Ever After story with a photograph. Send it to us and we will post it on our Happy Ever After page.

Create a virtual Easter Bonnet Parade. Get friends and family involved and hold it in your individual back gardens. We would love to see the photographs and share the fun.

Have a clear out! Check through bookshelves, cupboards and wardrobes - we always need donations to support our work.

Learn how to knit and have a sponsored knit. What is the longest scarf you can knit? Could you knit a cat or dog blanket?

Join your friends and family in organising a virtual dog walk. Fresh air and sunshine are great to keep healthy and happy.

More ideas will be added to this page, so keep your eyes peeled and don't forget to share your photos!

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