Any cat owner knows that cats like to wander and whilst normally this causes no problems occasionally it can end up with your pet becoming lost. From being taken in by a concerned neighbour, injured in a fight or car accident, or being inadvertently locked in a shed there are many possible causes of your cat not making it home.

A good insurance policy to ensure your cat is reunited with you is microchipping. Set to become law in the UK, with fines of up to £500 for un-microchipped cats, now is the perfect time to get your cat chipped, if you've not already done so. 

Microchipping is the most reliable way of identifying a cat, unlike a collar that can come off. It is also a requirement of some insurers.

RSPCA South Yorkshire Animal Centre are hosting their next drop in Microchipping Event on Saturday 7th August from 10am to 2pm for cats, dogs, rabbits and ferrets. It will cost just £10 on the day and all attendees will receive a 10% off voucher to be used in the Pet Supply shop onsite. 

If you are unable to make the 7th August, the Centre offers microchipping everyday except Wednesday at a cost of just £12, to book an appointment please call 01302 719790.