Luke - Crossbreed - 22 weeks - Male

Meet the lovely Luke, a playful pup on the search for the perfect forever home to grace with his infectious energy and mischievous personality. Luke is still young and definitely has lots to learn, but has been taking new experiences all in his stride. We're sure he would make an amazing addition to the right family who are able to dedicate a lot of time to his training so that he can become a well-rounded, well socialised dog in the future.

Very quickly, we learned that Luke loves nothing more than having everyone's attention on him, and he will make the most of any fusses that are available. Whilst he does absolutely adore meeting new people and having a good snuggle, he doesn't quite know how to introduce himself in the most polite way yet, and doesn't understand that not everybody will appreciate his boisterous puppy antics. He will need a home where he can work on his manners in a positive way, so that while he may never quite realise his size, he can make lots of new friends when out adventuring in a calm manner. He has already improved massively with his training during his stay, and progresses leaps and bounds every day - and he's always sure to remind you when he deserves a snack for his good behaviour like the cheeky chap he is! Luke is a massive foodie and will do just about anything for a tasty treat, and also absolutely loves his toys (even if they may not last that long!), so we're sure he will pick up new routines quickly when his favourite rewards are up for grabs.

During Luke's time with us, we have found that he does enjoy meeting doggy friends out on his walks, and so we think that he could possibly live with another dog pending a successful introduction here at the centre. We would recommend that Luke lives with a dog who is familiar with large, high energy puppies, that would feel comfortable in showing their new little brother the ropes. We would also think that Luke would be able to live with children aged 10 years and above who have had experience with bigger dogs that have a temperament similar to his. We would advise that Luke does not live with cats whilst he is learning how to adjust to a home environment.

If you are interested in offering Luke a home, please complete a Perfect Match form.