Roxie - Crossbreed - 10 months - Female.

Roxie a lovely little cuddlebug who's on the lookout for a family with a staffie sized spot on the sofa, just for her. Roxie is a bit of a nervous Nelly and has found kennel life to be a bit stressful, but with a lot of patience and the help of a few tasty treats, that beautiful personality of hers is beginning to shine through. Roxie is very much a lapdog, something that was apparent to us right off the bat. Even with her initial anxiety, Roxie just couldn't help but clamber into the lap of her carer for the day, asking for all the love and reassurance she needed. This has been a surefire way to build trust with this little girlie and we ask that her future family be the patient type, one that is willing to let her build that trust in her own time. The reward is well worth the wait, as when she begins to open up to you, it's an absolute joy to watch her let loose, zooming around and playing with all of her goofy glory. She has a particular affinity to squeaky toys and chews, and likes to throw them up in the air and run around trying to catch them. She also adores both giving and receiving kisses. The potential of this girl is clear to see, she just needs some steady guidance to help her become her best self. Due to her nervous disposition at this time, it would be better for Roxie to live with children 14+ as well as being the only dog in the house. She has, however lived with cats previously and so could happily do so again.

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