Zeke - Crossbreed - 9 years - Male

We are pleased to introduce you all to the dashing Zeke, a sweet older lad who is on the hunt the perfect home to live out his golden years. From the moment Zeke came to us, he has proved himself to he nothing but the perfect gentleman with everyone he's met. He's well mannered on the lead and while he still enjoys being out and about, likes to take life at his own speed. Zeke loves to take the time to stop and smell the flowers or take a relaxing walk in the long grass. When Zeke is out and about, he is fully immersed in his walk and observing the world around him. However, when you get him in a more relaxed setting, Zeke is a very affectionate lad. He's never too far from you and is always quick to come back for a quick fuss or snuggle. Zeke has aged very gracefully and while still being full of life, would prefer a more laid back lifestyle as the only pet in the household. Zeke could live with children 16+ that can understand when Zeke might not be in the mood to play or simply wants a moment to himself, where he can revel in the simple pleasures of the world.

If you are interested in offering Zeke a home, please complete a Perfect Match form.