Keira - Patterdale - 2 years 1 month - Female

Keira is an energetic young girl who is looking for a family who can keep up with her. She can find new situations daunting so has found kennels quite scary. Because of this, potential adopters would need to be prepared to meet her several times before adoption day. Keira would benefit from regular training classes to help her master her lead manners and her patience but has proven to be an intelligent dog who should learn quickly.

She is looking for an adult-only home, preferably with experienced terrier owners whilst she learns to share. We would like her new owners to have plenty of time for physical and mental stimulation. Whilst on Centre, Keira has walked well around other dogs so may be able to walk with friendly dogs out and about.

If you are interested in offering Keira a home, please complete a Perfect Match form.