Chunks - Dogue de Bordeaux - 5 years - Male

We are pleased to introduce you all to our residential gentle giant: Chunks. Chunks is an all round golden boy with his devilishly good looks, playful and adoring nature and his easy going outlook on life. There's not much in this world that phases this lad, he takes just about everything in his stride and likes to live life at his own (usually leisurely) pace. However, it is worth noting that if Chunks wants to do something or go somewhere, he will do it. He's a big lad and he knows how to use this to his advantage, but he will give you his biggest puppy dog eyes and most pitiful whimper that even the most stone-hearted person couldn't deny. He may be big, but he's a sensitive softie right down to his core. 

Chunks is a very sociable boy. He could meet you once and he could meet you a thousand times, but he will always greet you with the same enthusiasm. Bounding over to you, a bright spark in his eyes and a tail wagging as fast as it possibly can. Chunks has also proven to be quite sociable among the other dogs here on centre, and while he does enjoy their company, would prefer to be the only pet so he can get all of the snuggles and attention to himself.

Chunks is rather good on a lead, rarely pulling or getting ahead of himself. However, he can be very strong, even if he doesn't intend to be. It may be beneficial for Chunks' future owners to have experience with larger breeds, but as long applicants are confident in their strength, there's nothing that potential families can't be advised on. Chunks could live with a family with children 14+ that are confident around larger breeds.

If you are interested in offering Chunks a home, please complete a Perfect Match form.