Io - Crossbreed - 14 weeks - Male

We are happy to introduce you all to our newest bundles of fun! These cosmic kiddos are just brimming with love to give to their future families and just can't wait to make their humans proud as they grow and change into well rounded adults. Just like any puppy, these guys and gals find the most enjoyment out of three things: food, toys and human attention. You might find that these guys are a bit more independent than the average little one of their age, but that does not mean that they don't value a good snuggle session when the mood takes them. These pups turn into the most perfect angels when they're receiving these much valued fusses.
Unfortunately, these little ones have not been dealt the nicest cards in their short lives which has left them a little lacking in the socialisation department. This isn't to say that they're particularly shy, these guys are frankly as confident as they come. However, they are more likely to push boundaries and can sometimes struggle when it comes to understanding that enough is enough. They will need patient and understanding owners that are willing to work with these challenges in a way that is persistent and caring, valuing guidance above all. It may be beneficial for potential owners to have experience with larger breeds because while they may be small now, they will soon shoot up and flower into very big adults. Due to the nature of their training needs, these pups would be best suited in adult only homes, however they could potentially live with older dogs who are happy to show them the ropes as they adjust into their new lives.

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