Porscha - French Bulldog - 5 years 1 month - Female

It brings us no end of pleasure to introduce you all to our beautiful little Porscha. Porscha is a shining little soul who's on the lookout for a family that will adore her just as much as she adores them. Porscha hasn't had the easiest time before coming to us which has unfortunately left her with a few noticeable scars - particularly on her ears. Yet in spite of this, Porscha has never lost her love for humans or animals alike. She loves being with her people, regardless of what is happening and she's quick to let you know if she's feeling particularly left out. This beautiful girl is looking for a home with a family that is around a lot of the time as she doesn't particularly enjoy being left for too long. But after getting a cuddle from this girl, you'll struggle to ever let go. She's a massive snuggle monster and wants nothing more than to curl up beside you or cover you with kisses. Porscha's easy going and affectionate nature means she could live with a family with children 8+, however she would be best suited as the only pet for the time being. But that doesn't mean that she isn't a sociable little girlie when out on a walk, and would be happy to makes some calm friends amongst the dogs in her area.

If you are interested in offering Porscha a home, please complete a Perfect Match form.