Dipsy - Spaniel - 10 months - Female

Meet Dipsy, a sweet young girl who’s finally ready to find her perfect home with a family who can involve her in all their exciting adventures. Unfortunately, Dipsy has spent quite a long time with us here at the centre and has found life in kennels to be quite difficult. She hasn’t had much opportunity to experience all the lovely things that life has to offer, and at the moment can find meeting new people and facing new challenges a little overwhelming. Because of this, Dipsy would need an active family who are around most of the time so that they can be right by her side while she’s settling into her new environment. She will need a lot of help and support to overcome her anxieties, and so it is important that her new family are very patient and understanding of the breed. Her new family should have an awareness of how much physical and mental stimulation Dipsy will need and must be willing to implement positive routines so that she can really find her feet and can become the well-rounded, well-socialised dog that we know she’s more than capable of being. This little one has bundles of energy and so much love to give to the right people. She has absolutely stolen the hearts of all staff here at the centre with her quirky and mischievous personality, and we’re sure she’ll be the perfect fit for a family who can dedicate time to nurturing her confidence and general manners.

Dipsy is still learning how to politely interact with other dogs when out and about on walks, and so for now we would advise that she is the only animal in the home. We’re sure, however, with gradual and positive interactions, she will be more than capable of making lots of new walking buddies. As Dipsy can still struggle with her confidence and can become easily overwhelmed with some handling, we would recommend that her new family has children aged 14 years and above who can help to create an environment where she feels safe so that her true personality can shine.

If you are interested in offering Dipsy a home, please complete a Perfect Match form.