Po - Spaniel - 10 months - Female

This beautiful girl is Po, a lively little spitfire on the lookout for the perfect home to grace with her never ending energy. Since arriving at the centre, Po has proven to have the most infectious personality and quickly befriended just about everyone she crossed paths with. Although she does try to tackle new situations with the utmost confidence, Po unfortunately has spent a long time in kennels and will therefore need a family who can understand how this will have impacted on her general training and behaviour. She will likely find adjusting to a new lifestyle in a home quite difficult, and so will need a patient family who will be there to support and guide her every step of the way. Her new owners will also need to appreciate that Po is a very high energy breed, and so will need lots of physical exercise but will also need a lot of mental stimulation to keep her very intelligent brain busy. We learned very quickly that one of Po’s favourite past times is a classic game of fetch and will be sure to demand whoever’s closest to her to participate, but also massively appreciates a good snuggle once she eventually decides that she’s had enough. We’re confident that in the right home, Po will develop into a wonderful companion who will feel brave enough to take on whatever challenges she may be faced with knowing that she has the support of her family behind her.

Po is still learning how to politely interact with other dogs when out and about on walks, and so for now we would advise that she is the only animal in the home. We’re sure, however, with gradual and positive interactions, she will be more than capable of making lots of new walking buddies. As Po can still struggle with her confidence and can become easily overwhelmed with some handling, we would recommend that her new family has children aged 14 years and above who can help to create an environment where she feels safe so that her true personality can shine.

If you are interested in offering Po a home, please complete a Perfect Match form.