Alfie - Labrador - 13 years 5 months - Male

It brings us no end of joy to introduce you all to our residential golden boy, Alfie. Alfie has spent an incredibly long time with us through no fault of his own but he is now on the lookout for the perfect retirement home where he can kick his feet up and live out the rest of his days receiving all of the belly rubs and soft beds that he could ever ask for. Alfie has been a shining beacon of joy during his stay here, and due to his placid and laid back nature, Alfie has helped countless new staff and volunteers alike find their feet as they begun here. Alfie has made a lot of friends during his stay here and every single one of us has been dreaming about the day Alfie can find his forever family. We implore you to look past Alfie's age as while he may be getting up in years, he's still got all the life and energy of a youngster when it comes to playtime. We've always ensured that Alfie has had a never ending barrage of soft toys to play with and tennis balls to chase, but he's always been quick to find his favourites. He's always been quick to hold his head high and parade around with his favourite toys and even as he leaves to go on walkies, his favourite toy must come with him. Alfie has spent the last few months in a foster home where he has been thriving. He's been meeting a lot of new faces out and about and has been working on his dog socialisation skills. However, due to his age, Alfie would prefer to be the only pet to ensure he gets all the attention that he deserves firmly for himself. As with many older dogs, Alfie does have a bit of a medical history. This will be explained in depth to any potential adopters, but there's nothing there that slows him down or impacts his ability to live life to the maximum. Alfie could also live in a family with children 12+, providing they are happy to give him the space he needs to relax every now and then.

If you are interested in offering Alfie a home, please complete a Perfect Match form.