Bruce - American Bulldog - 7 years - Male 

Bruce is a lovely, affectionate and playful guy who loves people, which is obvious as soon as you meet him. He loves long strolls in the paddock and knows how to sit nicely, although he could benefit from going to training classes to master the rest. He is obsessed with playing with balls and is happy to walk with other dogs whilst on leads.

Bruce has been with us for almost a year which is a long time to have a dog in our shelter, it is a real shame because Bruce could be an amazing addition to a family that has children of secondary school age or older.

Bruce does require a little more attention than the average dog, which we think is why he has been with us for this long. He has a skin condition which is simple to control through his diet. Bruce is very smart and can be a cheeky chap at times, so he might keep you on your toes at times but will always put a smile on your face.

We desperately need to find Bruce a home, if you think that you could give this lovely chap a caring home please come and meet Bruce, no commitment necessary.

Adoption fee to be discussed