With Autumn here it’s worth bearing in mind that with the change of season come some risks for your pet.

Beautiful autumnal days easily tempt us to woods for walks where we can enjoy golden leaves and shiny conkers.

Conkers can be a temptation to dogs but they are toxic if swallowed or chewed and can pose the risk of choking or internal obstruction. Acorns and fungi can also cause irritation and poisoning. If you suspect your pet has ingested something they shouldn’t have, contact your vet immediately.

Whilst many of us may be tempted to relive our childhoods and kick piles of newly fallen leaves it is worth remembering that they can harbour hidden hazards. Sharp objects such as broken branches or jagged stones could lie underneath and cause injury to your pet’s paws and legs. Also, as leaves begin to decay they can produce bacteria and mould which can lead to gastrointestinal and respiratory problems if consumed or inhaled.

Moving closer to home, as colder weather begins to draw in we may also start to see frosty mornings. For many of us, rushing out of a morning, that means using anti-freeze. It is extremely important to store it safely away from your pets and clean up any spillages. As the liquid tastes sweet to animals they can be easily tempted to drink it. Unfortunately it very dangerous and can quickly cause acute kidney damage, with many cases of consumption leading to pets dying. If you think your pet has swallowed any anti-freeze, even a tiny amount, please contact your vet straight away.

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