Update 19/03/19:

Frankie’s leg is still on track and seems to be healing well, he’s able to stretch his legs and have a little wander around.

He’s still restricted to room recovery as his leg still has some healing left to do before he can go leaping around a new home but he’s pretty happy just to be able to have a little explore for now.

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Update 11/03/19:

think Frankie is starting to realise he can play the sympathy card for all of the scratches!

He has cheered up since his leg surgery but still seems a little down, the love from everybody is definitely helping though.

Frankie has around a couple of weeks left of crate recovery then he will be able to stretch out a little. We can’t wait for him to come out of his shell some more, I’m sure you can tell he’s such a lovely cat.

If you would like to help Frankie and other animals in similar situations, you can do so by following the link below to donate towards his cause or you can help just by raising awareness. You can raise awareness simply by sharing our posts.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

We will keep you updated on Frankie’s progress.

Update 07/03/19:

Frankie wanted to say a huge thank you to all those who have donated and shared his story. We’ve raised almost 50% of the target already, which is just amazing in such a short period of time.

Frankie’s surgery went without a hitch and he currently has 2-3 weeks of crate recovery ahead of him; this is to restrict his movement so that his leg has time to heal. He’s handling his recovery very well so far, he hasn’t meow-oaned or complained once!

Every penny, like and share helps towards covering costs and raising awareness for Frankie and animals in similar situations. This means that they can get the treatment they deserve to go on to live a long and happy life.

Keep your eyes open and we will keep you updated on Frankie’s progress!

We’d like you to meet Frankie…

Frankie is a very handsome 2 year old cat who came to us from a vet because the owner unfortunately could not give him the care he needed.

Frankie has had a very hard 2019 so far, he broke his leg in February and it didn’t seem promising that he would be able to receive the treatment that he needed. The vets then contacted us to make us aware of Frankie’s situation.

After seeing his x-rays, we saw Frankie had a badly fractured his left femur. We decided to take in Frankie so that he could receive the surgery he needed to make a full recovery.  

Unfortunately, the treatment Frankie is receiving costs a considerable amount. Can you donate now to help cover the costs of Frankie’s treatment and other animals in similar situations.

We urgently need your help now to protect animals from needless suffering and turn their 2019 around just like Frankie’s.