Summer seasonal advice

Top tips for keeping pets cool in hot weather Read more


#DogKind is an RSPCA campaign focusing on dogs who find it difficult to cope when separated from their owners. The term for this is ‘separation related behaviour’ or SRB for short. Read more


There are lots of reasons why neutering your pet is a sensible idea. Spaying or castrating your pet can help to deter some unwanted behaviours whilst helping to prevent some illnesses which can be quite serious. Read more


With thousands of animals getting lost every year, keeping your pet safe should be a priority. Microchipping is the most effective way to make sure that you can be reunited with your companion if they stray away from home. Read more

Stray animals

Should a stray animal be brought to our Centre, our initial task is to attempt to find their owner Read more

Lost and found

Losing a pet can be distressing and if you have found a pet, you’ll be eager to return them to their worried owner Read more

Apply for assistance

To help ensure that you can look after your pet, Welfare Assistance Vouchers are available to those eligible. Read more