Our Degus are still searching for their forever home. Sporty, Baby, Ginger, Posh and Scary (yes, named after the Spice Girls) are full of life and intelligent little creatures. 

Did you know these top 5 facts about the species?

  1.  Unlike some of their relatives, Degus are not nocturnal and are instead active in the daytime. 
  2. Degus need a dust bath to keep clean - they can never be washing with water!
  3. They are chatty creatures and can often be found squeaking and chatting away with each other and their owners.
  4. Degus can develop trust, problem solving skills and even empathy -so lots of enrichment toys will keep them busy!
  5. They can see some ultraviolet waves that humans cannot!

If you think you could offer our little critters their new home, please get in touch!