UPDATE 04/04/19

Marley has had his surgery not that you can tell by his carefree demeanour. Our vet has put a plate and screws in Marley’s leg to stabilise, fuse and heal the bone. Marley will need a lot of care and attention during the healing process, requiring regular bandage changes and constant ear scratches.

In 6-8 weeks we will x-ray Marley’s leg again, this will be a pivotal point in his treatment as this will tell us if the bone has indeed started to heal. If the bone hasn’t started to knit together by this stage, a difficult decision to remove his leg may have to be made.

We are overwhelmed by how many people have taken the time out of their day to support and to share Marley’s story, we’d just like to say a big thank you to all of you. Despite the amount of attention, Marley has received; we have only reached 5% of our total goal to cover treatment costs. If you can spare a donation so that we can continue to help animals just like Marley please donate below.

Meet Marley...

Marley is a handsome one and a half year old boy who has had a severely broken leg for 3 weeks. He came to us after his owners could no longer afford the costs and implications of Marley’s medical problem.

After being initially treated, it was advised an injury this severe would require further investigation. After having his first cast removed and new x-rays taken it showed Marley’s leg was not healing and needed further help.

Marley needs additional surgery to stabilise the bone so that his leg has a chance to fuse and heal. His treatment will be a long process requiring an x-ray 6-8 weeks after surgery to check his progress. If the bones don’t begin to fuse back together he may require further surgery to remove his leg.

The treatment Marley requires is expensive so we are asking if you can donate to help cover the cost of our vet bills via the button below. Please like and share this post so Marley’s story can be told to as many people as possible.

We will keep you updated on Marley’s progress.